During Alison’s exclusive theatrical run for women's month in South Africa 2016, it subsequently launched one of the most successful "end violence against women" campaigns known as the #butterflyrevolution. The campaign enjoyed broadcast time during the Olympics worldwide, and went viral on social media during 2016.


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“It’s taken 22 years for Alison’s story to be told on the big screen, and I believe it took that long because Alison Botha was waiting for Uga Carlini to enter her life. Only Uga could tell Alison’s story, Alison’s way.”

- The Callsheet

“The predominant message of the film is one of hope. It weaves together a story of how bad things can happen to good people. It shows how sexual violence is all about power.”

- Elle, South Africa

“The creative and eclectic frame for the story makes it more sentimental, intimate and gives it a homemade feeling as if Alison was bestowing her story as a gift to us.”


“The documentary is frank and chilling. Yet, it is also surprisingly warm and inspirational.”